Exporter & Consignee

Exporter & consignee detail as company, contact info with rate management. You can manage no. of consignee on one exporter with company detail and rate. By manage rate you can revise rate as per requirement.

Fumigation Certificate

Fumigation Certificates, User can manage exporter and consignee, Exporter rate management and DPPQS operator. Plus Fumigation certificate as per government format with digital signature option and also available for print in letter pad or print with letter pad.


Manage Enquiry, User can get bundled of dynamic option like Enquiry mode, type, Attend By, Supervisor, Operator, Premise type, treatment etc. with auto generate enquiry no. as per your format. Also detail about Sq. Ft./ Sq. Mt., Flore / Building with rate and total cost, Report about enquiry finalization as yes, no or stay.


Manage Pre-defined data by enquiry on quotation, set SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) with dynamic option by editable detail and cost. Revise quotation on step format with print option. Manage cost and charges which define in enquiry with auto generate quotation number as per your format.


After finalize quotation structure, manage the contract as per enquiry and quotation data with auto generate contract No. with client detail. Here Sop (Standard Operating Procedures) is also editable for treatment procedures as per premise and treatment. Set contract period for one year/6 months/quarterly/Monthly /Weekly.

Treatment Schedule

Manage schedule as per contract period and frequency. A very important facility is the generate schedule automatically as per treatment frequency and you can also change the date as per client suggestion. If more than one treatment available in one contract then you can manage treatment as per add and delete treatment option.


ManageWARRANTEE CERTIFICATEby define schedule detail. Warrantee certificate contain Vat no and contract no with treatment and no of year warrantee detail.


Manage chemical by set group of qty. and also set qty. type (Kg. Lt. Gm. Ml.).User can create Inventory stock report threw purchase and used chemical report in treatment.


Create invoice as per contract detail and total cost with auto generate invoice no. manage multiple item with qty., rate and total amount. Set government changes like (TAX, VAT, Additional Tax ) by dynamic option. Manage dynamic options as Tax detail and also with percentage of charge.Payment receipt for credit amount on client account and also report.

Control Panel

Manage pre-define data like enquiry type, mode, operator, supervisor, treatment , premise type, sop, branch, location, TAX etc. you can create multiple data on all the module with auto manage facility. Once you create pre-define data, you don't need to write every time. You just have to select data by drop-down menu.

User Management

Manage no. of users by registration facility. Whenever new user register, user must have to get approval permission from administration, without approval user can not login on software. Most important validation is that administrator can set permission on all module and also sub options, as operations like add record, view record, print record, edit detail etc.

Real-Time Dashboard

All the modules contain report and chart. User can seedaily, monthly and yearly report chart. Threw Report Administrator can see any of User's login Report , Day , Time , Date , System Detail and also IP detail.
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